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Sunday GIFT

Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) Family Program allows you to interact with your children on matters of faith and life while enjoying the support of your parish community. It also fits into the busy lifestyles of today’s families who learn a lot through activities and not workbooks. Meet virtually with your larger faith formation community once a month on Sunday morning for a speaker series for parents while children attend class virtually. Join with your nuclear family throughout the month enjoying mealtime conversations, prayer, games, and activities to grow in faith together as a family using the materials we provide for three lessons. If your children are in 6th grade or younger and you want autonomy in your schedule, fellowship with your parish family, and a deeper relationship with God and one another, then register for GIFT.
Children’s Faith Formation Class/Activities
Sunday, March 21, 2021
9:05 AM - Monday, April 7, 2031 10:20 AM
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Ascension Campus
4603 Poplar Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21227
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For families enrolled in GIFT, parents will be virtually attending a speaker series the evenings your children are in class. All parents of students enrolled in our faith formation program are welcome to attend the series. Students enrolled in 7th grade will meet twice a month at the same time as the GIFT program for a dynamic program with their peers and facilitators. Students enrolled in traditional PREP will meet weekly.